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Does your business have an OMNI channel strategy?

How having a clever omnichannel strategy will allow businesses to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Understanding your customer’s expectations for service is the first step in providing an amazing customer experience. Let’s discuss what customers want from support contact centers.


When there is a problem, customers only want to tell their story one time. They do not want to repeat it to multiple customer service agents. They want one answer not and multiple channels of communication.


Customers now want to experience to be personalized. Instead of being treated like case numbers they want to be treated like people. If you can deliver both speed and personalization, you have a winning combination.


Getting different answers when calling for support not only frustrates customers but creates a loss of confidence. To meet the customers’ ever-increasing expectations but good news—customers are willing to pay for good service.

What is A Contact Center?

A contact center, unlike a call center is a division within an organization that manages both inbound and outbound customer interactions. These interactions can be over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social medical, text, fax and traditional mail. Contact centers use various types of technology to help resolve customer issues and track all of the customer’s engagements with the company.

Benefits of a Contact Center


You can ensure an excellent experience through a contact center. Customer service is a significant value proposition for your business and having a well established contact center can ensure an excellent experience for your clients. To have available self-service capabilities a customer can interact through the channel of their choice.


The ideal customer service experience is one that reflects your brand. Companies that focus on service at all costs to the customer vs companies who provide service at minimal cost. Customers remember the companies that go all out to please their client base and with that they remember the company brand. Think about Apple and the symbol their brand represents.


Contact centers will improve your business productivity when responding to numerous customer requests. When your work force management can be scaled and supervised to route customer requests to the most appropriate resource, business interactions become more efficient.


Today’s consumers are different. They expect and end-to-end engagement with companies that they do business with and this means being able to have instant access to service in real time. Typically they are going to start on a mobile device or some type of digital tool. Businesses who adopt these real time service tools will have the competitive advantage over their competitors.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM) is a set of processes that optimize workplace efficiency on both the company and employee level. Contact centers can integrate WFM solutions to cut costs and schedule the right employees at the right times to maximize sales and company efficiency.

The modern cloud-based contact center solutions not only give businesses an edge when it comes to customer service but also enables them to have WFM tools and scalability. Agents can now be monitored onsite or remotely with performance tools that are built within the cloud based contact center software. Items like scheduling, forecasting and agent performance are now in one central location for easy tracking and analysis.

In 2017 over 3.7 million employees worked from home at least 50 percent of the time and this is growing every day. Clearly, telecommuting is a growing trend and you need the right IT solution for supporting remote employees for seamless and safe collaboration and communication.



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